BF76 A rare blue and white stemcup

Early Kangxi period (1662-1722), 

The deep U-shaped cup is supported on a cylindrical stem resting on a domed foot. It is painted in shades of blue with a continuous river landscape depicting an island with steep rocks rising out of the water partially concealing a thatched hut to the left and simple houses on the other side. Pine and other trees are growing from the rocks. A solitary scholar holding a staff approaches a rockwork bridge leading to the houses, all below two birds in flight and interrupted by a single character 張(zhang).
The stem has two double-line borders between a row of circles. The foot has a crenellated band.
Height 9.2 cm

It is rare to find pieces with family names integrated in the design.
This piece was probably ordered by a private person with the family name 'Zhang'



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