MF 22 A large powder-blue and gilt brushpot,笔筒


Kangxi (1662-1722)

The brushpot is covered with a powder-blue glaze and painted in gilt with the famous scene of the poem 'Ode to the Red Cliff, 赤壁賦 (chibi fu) by the poet and statesman Su Shi, 蘇軾, also known as Su Dongpo, 蘇东坡 (1037-1101).
It shows a moonlit scene when the poet and his companions are approaching the 'Red Cliff' in a boat. The reverse is inscribed with the second part of the poem written in 'kaishu' script followed by two seals.It describes the second journey on the 15th of the 10th month(1082), a few months after his first journey. The poet is seen seated at a low table with his friend who is holding up a winecup while a female servant is pouring wine from an ewer. Behind her a boatman is steering the boat with a pole. A huge crane is flying in the air.
The base has a countersunk circle surrounded by an unglazed ring.
Height 14.7 cm; Diameter 17.7 cm

Provenance: A private Belgian collection 

A similar brushpot is illustrated by Eva Strober in 'La Maladie de Porcelaine', Leipzig, 2001, no. 44


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