PF18 A very fine small enameled egg-shell vase



Circa 1966-1976

The elegant small vase is delicately painted in soft colours and grisaille with female soldiers performing rifle drill aiming at a target.                         The base has a red sealmark Zhongguo Jingdezhen zhi.                           Height 12 cm 

The scene is taken from the ballet/opera 'The Red Detachment of Women', 红色娘子军. It tells the story of the peasant girl Wu Qinghua who is liberated from her tyrant master by the leader of the Red Army. She joins the Red Detachment of Women and becomes a heroic fighter, taking over the position of commander in the end.  The story which is set during the civil war 1927-1937 and the ballet was first produced in 1964 in the lead-up to the Cultural Revolution in China

Formerly in the collection of Professor H.A. van Oort and illustrated in his book ' Chinese Kunst', Baarn 1980, p. 183





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