BFE 03 A 'Kraak' blue and white saucer dish

Wanli (1573-1620), c. 1590-1600

The dish with gently rounded sides and bracket-lobed rim is very thinly potted.​
It is well painted in the centre in deep shades of underglaze blue with a shaped medallion enclosing a horse flying amidst crested waves below a branch of pine, encircled by a band of five chrysanthemum flower heads amidst scrolling foliage.
The rounded cavetto is moulded in low relief with two rows of ruyi heads outlined in white slip. A blue and white border of ruyi heads alternating with  tassels is painted below the rim.
Diameter 20,5 cm

Provenance: S. van Leeuwen, Furniture and Porcelain, The Hague 1989,
An old Dutch collection, The Hague

A very similar dish is illustrated by Vinhais and Welsh, Kraak Porcelain,
2008, pp. 92-94, No.3
Another dish of the same size, but with four chrysanthemun heads is in the Tom Lurie Collection and illustrated by Teresa Canepa in Jingdezhen to the World, 2019,  p.126, Pl. 36
A similar example but showing the horse with its head looking forward is in the National Museum Singapore and illustrated by Rinaldi, Kraak Porcelain, A moment inthe History of Trade, Pl. 46








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