BFE 06 A blue and white dish for the Japanese market

Tianqi period (1620-1627)

The dish is painted  with the scholar and calligrapher Wang Xizhi seated on a low chair on a terrace near a lake with rocks and mountains in the distance while an attendant approches him holding a goose, all within an octafoil ruyi-shaped panel, four panels containing white lotus reserved on a blue ground. The reverse has two plum branches, the base is painted with a circle.
21 cm diameter

The figure depicted on the present dish is Wang Xizhi, the famous calligrapher who lived during the fourth century. He admired geese because of their S-shaped neck, which inspired him, and is therefore often depicted being offered a goose, as on the present vase. Wang Xizhi wrote the Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion, a literary masterpiece which has inspired calligraphers throughout Chinese history. 

Provenance: Formerly in a Japanese private collection



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