BFE20 Two blue and white jars

Wanli period (1573-1620)

Both jars are of ovoid shape with sloping shoulders surmounted by a waisted neck with lipped rim.
The sides are painted in a strong blue colour with a scholar in an open pavilion watching five scholars approaching in a landscape, some accompanied by an attendant holding up a parasol. The scene is divided by unusual vertical scrolling clouds. The shoulders are painted with four oval panels containing a spray of peach or flower spray reserved on a diaper ground. The neck is encircled by a border of pointed leaves repeated above the foot.
One jar has a fu character in a square on the base; the other has an artemesia leaf.
Height 24 cm

Richard Kilburn shows a similar jar in the Museum The Princessehof which is painted with the same scene where he describes it as 'the Transitional style beginning to develop on a Wanli piece'. (See Richard S. Kilburn, 'Transitional Wares and Their Forerunners', Hong Kong 1981, p.32)

Provenance: An old Dutch private collection acquired in the early 1970s at antique shop Van der Molen, Zuiderdiep, Groningen (sticker)




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