EF 29 A Qingbai carved bowl


Southern Song Dynasty, 12th-13th century 
The bowl has conical sides flaring to an everted rim supported on a tapered foot. The inside is freely carved with two fish amidst combed waves. It is covered with an even bluish-white glaze deepening in the recessed areas except for a circular part of the base 
Diameter 20.2 cm 

A similar but smaller bowl is illustrated by Kai-Yin Lo (ed.) in 'Bright as Silver, White as Snow, Chinese Ceramics from Late Tang to Yuan Dynasty', Pl. 43
See also the bowl with fish design in the V&A Museum, illustrated by Rose Kerr in 'Song Dynasty Ceramics', London 2004, No 98
A very similar bowl from the Gao Longming collection is illustrated by Rose Kerr in 'Song through 21st Century Eyes, , Dreumel 2009, fig 2-42





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