EFE 14 A Longquan Celadon 'Twin-Fish' Dish


Southern Song Dynasty

The shallow dish with flattened everted rim is crisply moulded at the centre with two fish swimming in a clock-wise direction, their scales and fins well defined and covered under an attractive lightly crackled Kinuta-type glaze of bluish-green tone. The exterior is moulded with petals above the neatly-cut deep foot. The base is glazed.
Diameter 22 cm

Provenance: An important old Dutch private collection

For a similar example see: R.L. Hobson, The Eumorfopoulos Collection, vol. II, no. B122, pl.74
See also Bo Gyllensvard, Chinese Ceramics in the Carl Kempe Collection, pl.126, p. 58


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