EFE01 A fine Neolithic black ‘eggshell’ pottery stemcup


Longshan culture, 3rd millennium B.C.

The thinly potted stemcup is raised on a tall hollow stem pierced with five rows of vertical slits above the low domed base.
The eggshell-thin earthenware has a burnished surface
 Height 20,6 cm

The present example is extremely finely potted and has particularly fine  pierced decoration.
Five related stemcups of varying sizes are illustrated by Liu Liang-yu, A Survey of Chinese Ceramics, vol I, pp. 52 and 53
For similar stemcups see also Regina Krahl, Chinese Ceramics from the  Meiyintang Collection, Volume Three (1), Nos 1058-1061 and 1063

來源:          Sotheby’s London, 7th December 1993, Lot 11

                     Collection of Mr Robert Suermont, Netherlands

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