A painting by Zhu Wenhou (1895-1961)

Hanging scroll; ink and colour on paper
127,5 x 46 cm

The inscription by the artist may be translated as follows:

The mountains are getting dark the icy moon crowns the sky. Before I   pass the Wuxia Gorge my heart breaks by hearing those sounds.

I practised calligraphy for a few years, then started to learn how to paint. It has been more than ten years now. However, nothing has been achieved. The reason is that I cannot focus on painting and work harder. Therefore, to achieve anything in any field is not easy.
Zhu Wenhou, Autumn, 1929

Inscription by the artist Wu Qinmu may be translated as follows:

The boat passed thousands of mountains with monkeys shouting into the endless distance (Poem by Li Bai from the Tang dynasty). When I watch this painting it is as if travelling in the Three Gorges and hearing the monkeys shouting. 

The third inscription by the artist Wu Xingchen may be translated as follows:

In the morning they (the monkeys) drink water in the creek, drunk from sleep they hang in the trees by their tails in the moonlight. You do not need to travel, you will hear enough monkey’s shouting by watching this painting. 

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