WFE 75 Two white jade pendants

Both Qianlong period(1735-1795)

Both pendants are carved in the form of mushrooms, one modelled as three mushrooms encircled by an openwork branch of lingzhi . A beetle is climbing up the largest. The other one is carved as a double mushroom with a smaller one on top growing from three leaves and is mounted in gold as pendant. The stone of both pendants are of even white tone with realistic incised lines on the underside of the mushrooms
6.5 and 5.8 cm long

Provenance: Joseph M. Morpurgo, Amsterdam 

Similar pendants in the form of mushrooms were included in the Exhibition at Marchant's: '85th Anniversary Exhibition of Chinese Jades from Tang to Qing', London, Nos. 63, 64 and 68

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