MFE13 A pair of Dehua Blanc de Chine Libation Cups, Jue


17th century, circa 1650

Each vessel is finely potted in the shape of an archaic bronze jue, with two short posts at the mouth and a C-shaped handle to one side, all raised on three tall splayed legs. They are covered with a warm white glaze stopping at the base of the ogre mask feet. The body is moulded in relief with four floral panels separated by a vertical flanges. A key fret border is moulded below the rim.
7.5 cm high; 10.5 cm wide

A very similar jue is illustrated by Donnelly in 'Blanc de Chine', London 1969, Pl.54C. The present vessel belongs to the small type which is much more refined than the bigger examples, see also pl. 54C.

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