PLO 01 A pair of Imperial yellow and green-glazed saucer dishes


Qianlong mark and period (1736-1795)

Each has  gently rounded sides rising from a straight foot and is finely incised around the exterior with eight stylised lotus sprays reserved in green against a rich egg yolk-yellow glaze covering the interior and exterior. The base is glazed white and inscribed with a six-character seal mark in underglaze blue.
15.6 cm diameter  

Provenance: Formerly in a British private collection

                      Sold at Christie’s London, 5 June 1995, lot no. 194
                      A Belgian private collection  

This pair of imperial dishes is particularly attractive because of the fine potting, vibrant rich colour and brilliant glaze. This type of dish with yellow interior was exclusively for the use of the emperor, empress and the highest rank of imperial concubines. The pattern seems to be inspired from Ming prototypes, although this exact design probably originated in the early Qing dynasty. A Ming example, Jiajing mark and period, with green flower and fruit sprays on a yellow ground is in the collection of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. A Kangxi example with this design is in the National Palace Museum, and a Yongzheng example was exhibited in the Phoenix Art Museum. Qianlong examples like the present pair are rare, although an identical pair was sold at Christie’s New York.  

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